David Swarbrick

Embedded Hardware Engineer

Completing my degree in Electronic and Information Engineering has given me a broad background covering semiconductors, analogue and digital electronics, control theory, signal processing, RF Fields & computer vision. My particular interests are the intersection of hardware and software — embedded systems, processor design, high speed digital & analogue devices.

My passion for electronic design originates partially from my enjoyment of music and subsequent interest in the equipment used to produce and play it, and partially through study of electronics in school and later at university. I am fascinated by the potential to manipulate and automate the environment using electrical signals.

In my own time I have explored various hardware and software projects: building my own Class AB amplifiers and repairing an old A&R Cambridge A60, programming an open-source smartwatch, producing my own theme for the Atom text editor, and automating my Twitter listening diary (linked on this page). Some examples are documented on this website.

Please feel free to get in touch.